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comic #86: he means happy

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This is the Hogwarts Express, reblog to get on it.



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Benedict doing the ALS Bucket Challenge

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instead of a coffee shop au consider instead a hell’s kitchen au and let me explain u why:

  • ur otp has to live in close quarters in the dorms
  • making out in the pantry
  • gordon ramsay
  • sexual tension at the fish station
  • unfriendly competition
  • gordon ramsay
  • s a b o t a g e
  • if they win the challenges they get to go on neat day trips together
  • if they lose the challenges they have to do manual labor
  • think of the possibilities this presents
  • !!!!!
  • gordon ramsay

「Free! ES」 poster in spoon.2Di vol.56>>2000 x 2572
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「Free! ES」 poster in spoon.2Di vol.56
>>2000 x 2572

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Benedict Cumberbatch and tumblr text posts.